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Addison's Rare Books, LLC

4705 Northside Dr., Ste. 200

Macon, GA  31210

What We Do

Addison's Rare Books uses its vast experience in the rare book market to assist individuals and institutions in the sale and valuation of rare books and rare manuscripts.  Depending upon the books, the situation, and the needs of the client, we either:

(A) buy your rare books directly, or

(B) conduct the sale of your rare books by offering them to our large, international clientele through our sister company Addison & Sarova. 


We also offer valuations (fee-based) for those seeking simply to learn more about the market-value of their books.


Over the years, we've sold thousands of rare and valuable books on behalf of individuals and institutions from all over the world, and we've transacted millions of dollars in rare book sales.  We have the knowledge and experience that can only come from years of intimate research, handling, and marketing of thousands of rare books and manuscripts.






What We Don't Do


Note that we only deal with rare and important books and manuscripts of significant value.  We do not deal with typical used books such as text books, modern fiction, magazines, comic books, self-help books, or other books one may typically find in garage sales or used book stores.


Most are unsure of whether or not their books are of value, and we are glad to assist.  However, before contacting us, please be sure to read the "Is My Book Valuable?" page on our site.  Many of the common questions can be answered simply by reading the information found on this site.





*******  This site is currently being updated for 2017, so check back soon for more information and resources to assist in selling your rare books.  In the meantime, please contact us at for assistance in selling your books! (01/24/17)*********




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